Car Quids is a car advertising company. We have thousands of cars up and down the country, available for brands to use in outdoor advertising campaigns targeting specific demographics and regional areas.

Normally focused in and around major transport hubs outdoor is very effective at hitting high concentrations of people. As I sit here writing in the gallery above Waterloo station, the busiest in Europe, I see Google’s domination of the enormous billboards that cover much of the station. With 225, 000 passing through the ticket barriers each day it’s obvious that this is a great location for outdoor, as is much of the public transport network, but what about those people that don’t take public transport to work.

In the UK 60% of commuters take a car to work each day with the average Briton driving 8200 miles per year. Studies by the Department for Transport show that only 9% of the 954 trips made annually by the average Briton were by bus or rail, in comparison to 64% made by car. These people don’t see the ads on the tube, on the train, or in the stations. Similar research conducted by the RAC reveals that instead they spend 10 hours per week driving, and 4 hours per week staring at the rear view window of the car in front, making time on the road a “high dwell” opportunity that can hit 60% of commuters daily, not to mention those on the road less frequently.

With over 45% of the total outdoor inventory and only 13% of the total UK population, London is the centre of outdoor advertising in the UK. More broadly, outdoor is concentrated in the top 10 population centres, but with a further 65 cities in the UK with a population above 100, 000, totaling some 20million people, much of the national outdoor audience is left relatively untouched. Some of these smaller cities present prime long tail advertising opportunities, but currently lack the media infrastructure to support a significant outdoor campaign.

Reaching this long tail audience can be incredibly valuable for brands as there is less competition from other outdoor media in these areas. Campaigns can also target demographics, resulting in a more efficient ROI for advertisers. In many cases cities like Swansea and Bristol, for example, there is limited available outdoor advertising space, and car advertising can be a great way to increase the reach and impact of a campaign.

This is why at Car Quids we’re building the largest car advertising network in the UK. Our drivers commute to work in the morning with everyone else, exposing the media on their cars to commuters in high dwell time situations. Covering over 100 towns and cities in the UK, our fleet is possibly the most geographically diverse available to any advertiser wanting to run outdoor advertising campaigns. Brands can find more information on running a car advertising campaign on our brands page.