With close to 4000 drivers on our books already there are people from literally all over the UK represented in our fleet. In fact we have had enquiries from as far away as Kazakhstan, Canada, and Continental Europe all expressing interest in joining the Car Quids team. The drivers on our books cover every conceivable demographic, from tradesmen, to young mothers, to professionals, and students.

“I’m a busy mum who drives my kids to school, work and do the shopping, I spend more hours driving around then I do at home!”

“I would also be willing to be a brand ambassador for whatever I advertise!”

“Good placement for students – in view of 400+ students from their dorm window”

Our ability to target the drivers, and their driving patterns rests in our database. To become a Car Quids driver each applicant completes a multi-page questionnaire, giving us information into what they do, where they go, and how much they drive. This data allows us to target campaigns, whether that means something specific like healthcare workers in a defined region, or more general like professionals in London. Using the data on the drivers themselves then gives us insight into their habitual patterns, where they commute to and from, where they park, and total mileage.

Our drivers are real people, and they live real lives. As such advertising with Car Quids gives your campaign exposure to those same people, their friends, their networks, and their colleagues.