We’re all familiar with outdoor advertising, we see it on billboards, buses, buildings, and on the side of the road. Outdoor advertising is something that many of us experience every day, but up until now it has been almost exclusively limited to traditional billboards.

Car advertising is a new form of outdoor advertising. In principle it is no different from any other outdoor format in that it is another opportunity for brands to connect with consumers. To join our fleet Car owners can register their car with Car Quids to get matched with an advertiser.

Advertising on cars gives brands the opportunity to reach new audiences. By their very nature personal vehicles are ‘personal’, they’re part of local neighborhoods, workplaces, and retail venues, and as a result have the power to weave messaging into the fabric of everyday life in a distinctive and impactful way. This can be very powerful for brands trying to reach a local audience, whether its a national campaign targeting consumers at a community level, or regional campaigns targeting defined customer groups in specific towns and cities.

While Car ads can reach a local audience they also get coverage in prime locations, like city centres, motorways, and major retail locations where they compete for eyeballs with existing outdoor media, like billboards, buses, taxis, and digital screens (DOOH). This combination of busy commuter traffic, retail and shopping exposure, and time spent in local neighborhoods make car advertising a very powerful medium for reaching audiences at the right time and in the right place. Uniquely car advertising is often the first and last advertising that a consumer sees, and this is essential for building and retaining mindshare

Our fleet covers over 100 cities and towns in the UK and this is growing every single day. For more information on what car advertising can do check out our brands page.