Planning a sucessful advertising campaign using demographics

Using demographics to plan an outdoor advertising campaign is a tried and tested tool. Demographics give marketers invaluable information, such as people’s occupations in a particular area, or how old they are. Traditionally, this information alone could be used to plan an outdoor campaign.

Industry experts are, however, increasingly playing down the power of demographics in outdoor advertising. Ian Reynolds, CEO of KBH On-Train Media, recently argued that because socio-demographics are changing advertisers should target behaviour, rather than demographics.

Targeting consumer behaviour is a good way to overcome what Ian described as the ‘flat-age’ society we now live in, but we believe that demographics remain a key starting point in planning new campaigns because behaviours often stem from demographic factors. We found this when planning our campaign with Azimo.

Azimo: A Case Study

Demographics Azimo Planning

With international money transfer app, Azimo, we were able to create a uniquely targeted campaign leveraging census data as well as the data we hold on our members and their cars.

Our analysis of London identified key remittance-sending communities in different parts of Lodnon. This data was important in mapping out money-sending corridors, relevant to different currencies.

Using Car Quids as a local advertising medium, the Azimo branded fleet was able to be deployed in areas that are strategically most relevant to their business.

We married up hyper-targeted outdoor advertising at scale with direct customer acquisition. From our inventory of over 10,000 cars we reached out to our London driving community, surveying them to find out who sent money abroad. Remittance senders

80% of the drivers we selected for this campaign send money abroad regularly. Drivers we matched with the brand were not only likely to be direct users of the Azimo app, but also more likely to refer their friends, family and co-workers in the community. They were incentivized by a promotional code, offering £10 free towards a transfer within the app.

The promotional code, alongside Car Quids dashboard technology, will allow Azimo to track their campaign. From this they will be able to incorporate other marketing channels, or even do more with their Car Quids campaign. One example is by using strategic positioning of cars: incentivising owners of branded Azimo cars to park outside traditional money sending shops on Saturdays, when the shops are at their busiest.


Planning a successful campaign using demographics

Looking beyond demographics is key to creating more sophisticated campaigns which fit in with changing consumer lifestyles.

Demographics and consumer behaviour together are a powerful combination of factors for campaign planning. Most importantly, they allow us to provide brands with hyper targeted outdoor advertising and with instant customers who are willing to be ambassadors for the brand.

This combination is just one facet to planning a successful, targeted and trackable outdoor advertising campaign.

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