Million Quid Car Collage

Car Quids enables brands to advertise on a GPS tracked fleet of over 23,000 cars all over the country. We help drivers offset the costs of owning a car, and allow brands to take advantage of an underutilised advertising format to reach new customers.


The brands we’ve worked with so far have experienced the impact of car advertising on brand awareness and sales uplift. Our rigorous approach to campaign analysis and tracking has helped us show these individual brands how car advertising can work for them…but don’t take our word for it watch our customers talk about working with us in this video


We launched the Million Quid Car as our way of showing how just one car in central London can reach thousands daily by displaying the GPS route map and impression count for anyone to see online. The car is already covering 100+ miles per day advertising in central London!


With over 30 brands on the car already we’ve seen a great response from marketing managers and CMO’s. Travelex, Papa Johns, FT Live, Joe & Sephs, YPlan, and many others have all come onboard. With 70% of the car still up for grabs over the next three months we will cover the car completely in advertising in a media first, resulting in huge exposure for all the brands involved.


If you’re interested to find out more you can visit the Million Quid Car website for more details. To find out more about running a campaign with Car Quids, visit