With the cost of owning a car skyrocketing there are a number of ways that you can save money on your vehicle that don’t involve leaving your job and becoming a taxi driver. In an ongoing piece on how to save money on your car, we’ll be writing weekly on different products, services, and ideas that can help you make meaningful savings on owning a car.

Vehicular advertising has been around for a long time. We’ve all seen it on buses and other commercial vehicles, but did you know that you too can earn money for having ads on your car? As the number one player in this market CarQuids, connects drivers with advertisers. Advertisers then select where and who they want to advertise with, and the selected drivers can then earn up to £100 per month just for having ads on their cars.

Advertising campaigns run from 3months right up to 18 months, which means by signing up with Car Quids you could guarantee yourself earnings of £100 per month for 18months, £1800 in total. Advertising campaigns come in on a rolling basis, and you could find yourself earning money every month indefinitely if there is enough demand for your car! For most drivers that kind of money is enough to cover a lot of bills, and keep the costs of running a car down.

Drivers can chose which advertisements end up on their cars, and Car Quids only ever uses top grade vinyls. If you don’t mind driving around with advertising on your car, the Car Quids car advertising program is for you.