Proctor and Gamble’s CBO questions their supply chain

Recently, Proctor and Gamble’s chief brand officer Marc Pritchard made a keynote speech at the Internet Advertising Bureau meeting. It is being coined one of the biggest marketing speeches in the last 20 years. Marc explained that P&G wanted to exert greater control over the quality of its media strategy and highlighted issues companies are currently faced with when advertising with agencies, quoting that the media supply chain is “murky at best, fraudulent at worst”.

In the speech, he discussed varying issues that clients are faced with in the current marketing climate, such as the lack of traansparency in media buying when it comes to programmatic marketing along with viewability standards and the difficulty that P&G brands have monitoring and measuring “views” on different platforms.

How Marc Pritchard plans to solve the transparency problem

Marc has urged that in regards to P&G’s supply chain, they need to “clean it up”, and invest time and money saved into better advertising to drive growth, hoping other companies will follow suit.

The four tasks that P&G will now carry out to clean up their media supply chain will be to adopt one viewability standard by the Media Ratings Council [for transparent measurement], implement accredited third-party measurement verification [for views], attain agency contacts with greater transparency in pricing for the media used and preventing advertising fraud online.

Marc Pritchard, Proctor Gamble

Marc Pritchard, P&G

What about other alternatives to bring transparency to the advertising supply chain

Marc is not the only one who thinks these proposals made by Proctor & Gamble will prompt agencies to review their practices and encourage much needed change, with Alistair Macrow, Chief Marketing Officer at McDonalds saying the speech tackled important issues. Even the heads of such agencies chimed in to agree that both marketers and agencies need to make a greater effort to ensure transparency and trust between the two.

Whilst we think that agencies do need to make a concerted effort to ensure their clients are getting what they pay for, we also need to highlight there are other options for companies to get transparent and cost-effective marketing such as going directly to advertising mediums or at least encouraging agencies to work with a wider array of mediums to help drive transparency.

At Car Quids, transparency and measurability to make supply chains fair is exactly what we strive to offer, with one of our motto’s being “plan, track and analyse”.

Planning – our tech dashboard makes planning an advertising campaign easy, clear and transparent. Our dashboard shows estimated impressions, reach and frequency before you have even booked the campaign. Any company, big or small, can deploy a Car Quids fleet of 20 to a fleet of 100+ cars – with all the estimated impressions clear to view per size of campaign and per city.

Car Quids dashboard

Car Quids dashboard


Tracking – outdoor advertising is easy to measure with Car Quids. We provide fully trackable fleets of cars to show you where your adverts have been and how many miles have been driven by our members through our GPS heatmaps.

Example of a heat map

Example of a heat map


Analyse – our bespoke reporting means that we work with you to focus on the metrics that matter to you – whether it’s footfall, market share or transactions. We’re eager to find new, proven uses cases for car advertising and so we take on a lot of the reporting/analysis an agency typically would. 

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