Outdoor advertising has been around since the Stone Age, literally. Cave drawings were some of the first creative works completed by humans, with only the most basic tools our instinct has been to share our experiences in the simplest way possible. These drawings all tell stories, every one is different, but as humans we can relate to their messages.

As we evolved so did our creativity, and fast-forward to the 21st Century the sheer variety of mediums through which to communicate is staggering. As reaching an audience becomes increasingly complex amongst the see of competing media, being able to simply and effectively communicate with your potential customers becomes even more important. Outdoor remains a stunningly simple way to connect with your audience, and it is for this reason that Outdoor is often referred to as the last true broadcast medium.

While the simplicity of a cave drawing is childlike, its message is clear and to the point regardless of its lack of depth or complexity. In a world where we are bombarded with increasingly elaborate advertising at every turn, sometimes the simplest messages stand out, and in this respect Outdoor retains its position as a medium to help brands reach an audience with clear, simple, and effective messaging.

Tapping into Outdoor as a key lever in your marketing strategy can be incredibly powerful, it can complement other channels, or used as an awareness tool to capture mindshare. Despite having been around for millenium, the ability to simply and effectively engage consumers through creative Outdoor advertising continues to stand the test of time.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and increasingly outdoor advertising is powered by technology. Despite its humble origins,  to convey a message in todays fast paced and constantly changing world requires more granular targeting and planning to clearly define your target audience. Using technology to do this can help define where to run your campaign.