The proliferation of Out-of-home (OOH) media has created many options for advertisers. The goal for any OOH media owner is to make these options even more engaging for consumers. As a static medium, this creates a conundrum for OOH, as consumer engagement is increasingly linked to technology, including many of the newest technologies.

While it may seem like OOH is in competition with mobile and digital media in the battle for customer engagement, OOH is a key point of entry into consumer’s mobile devices. The unavoidable impact of outdoor advertising when we’re out and about creates countless opportunities to turbocharge multichannel advertising campaigns. In an increasingly saturated landscape combining offline and online can be the perfect recipe for creating a successful campaign.

As a point of entry to mobile devices, understanding OOH as part of a successful campaign requires an appreciation of how it can impact ROI. Those familiar with outdoor are acutely aware that the value of OOH is less around direct response, than it is about building brand awareness. To this extent a key metric for measuring ROI of an outdoor campaign should be its impact on the overall Cost per Acquisition (CPA) across all channels.

Capturing consumer mindshare through a well executed outdoor campaign can have a huge impact on response across other channels, and understanding your OOH budget in this context can be key to unlocking efficiency savings on CPA.

Despite the obvious limitations of a static medium, OOH actually has the power to unlock tremendous value for brands that use outdoor advertising to reach their target audience. In its own right it can be a powerful advertising tool, but when paired as part of a multichannel campaign the value is magnified through its ability to build brand equity and massive awareness of a marketing message.