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Why aren’t mobile applications using outdoor advertising?

SMEs and startup brands that are looking for advertising channels for their mobile application tend to use online advertising channels to do so. They have to be selective about the types of advertising they can budget for. Online advertising seems attractive because of its relatively low cost of entry and ease of tracking performance.

In contrast, outdoor advertising can be thought of as expensive to trial and lacking in analytics for ROI. However, we show how JustPark executed a successful outdoor advertising campaign to drive awareness of their new mobile app among a key segment of their target audience. Their advertising campaign increased parking space bookings in the target geographic area of West London.

The case for outdoor display advertising for mobile and web brands

Younger generations are more mobile and spend more time outdoors than before, according to a study by Outsmart UK.

As competition for online clicks increase and the prevalence of ad-blockers rises, the efficiency of online advertising (measured by cost per acquisition, cost per app install or similar metrics) declines. This means advertisers are paying more now for the same campaign results than they would have even a few years ago.

Outsmart’s study shows that consumers had a higher recall of advertising that was out-of-home compared to in-home. Consumers are more likely to remember and download your application after seeing advertisements in the real World. People reacted to out-of-home adverts by searching for more information in real time and discussing the product or application being advertised with those around them. Some consumers even instantly purchased items as a result of the advertising campaign studied.

Consequently, web and mobile-first brands are using outdoor media to advertise their apps. Facebook, Grubhub Inc and Seamless have used out-of-home advertising recently to influence usage of particular apps and features and user behaviour.

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How JustPark used outdoor display advertising to increase their brand awareness in target areas

JustPark allows motorists to find and rent out parking spaces. It has traditionally operated from its website and recently launched an Android and iPhone mobile app. This makes it even easier to find and rent parking space.

The aim of their outdoor advertising campaign was to increase app usage. Additionally, they wanted to get across the message that with JustPark you had a huge choice of parking spaces in London, from as little as £5 per day. Outdoor advertising is also more effective than many other formats in building brands.

Which product or brand are you more likely to remember – one that you saw in a sea of other online ads or one that jumped out at you through real world advertising?

To build their brand and drive bookings and app downloads, JustPark identified outdoor advertising as important in achieving these goals. JustPark used Car Quids to become highly visible in West London in addition to billboards.

However, billboards are relatively costly and for a fraction of the cost of their billboard spend, JustPark could extend the reach of their brand by layering Car Quids on top. The result was doubling their impressions in the area.

During the busy morning and evening commutes, a fleet of JustPark branded cars were travelling in and out of London on key roads such as the A40, A406 and A4.

Using Car Quids, they were able to launch a fleet of GPS-tracked branded cars that commuted on the busiest roads into and out of West London. The campaign’s performance was tracked using:

  • Car Quids’ GPS analytics platform to show where the brand and message promoting the new app had been seen.
  • Tracking changes in app downloads and transactions in the geographic area where the campaign was focused.
  • Promo code uptake using Car Quids members as brand ambassadors. Car Quids members handed out business cards containing a 20% discount code. The conversations abut the branded cars, therefore, turned into new app users for JustPark.

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The results: uplift in bookings, promo code usage and proof of having executed a targeted outdoor display advertising campaign

Headline results from the campaign are:

  • Bookings and brand awareness increased in the target area over the 2 month period that the Car Quids campaign was running. 
  • The JustPark branded Car Quids fleet covered more than 25,000 miles. Of these, 80% were in the target West London area as shown by the heat map below. 
  • 75% of Car Quids members on the campaign reported handing out business cards containing a 20% off discount code. This drove acquisition. 

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The JustPark outdoor campaign answers the question of why use outdoor advertising.A data-driven outdoor display format like Car Quids can be effective for mobile applications and web brands. In fact, this type of outdoor advertising campaign is immune to the recent problems online advertisers have faced. For example, the rise of ad-blockers to remove advertisers’ content from platforms such as Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising. 

Car Quids is changing the perceptions of traditional outdoor advertising. Car Quids’ technology driven dashboard means that campaigns can be planned and executed leveraging available data and analytics. Combining this data with a strong clear message delivered using our high mileage and highly visible fleet means that results of your advertising campaigns are measurable, even when they use outdoor display media.

Car Quids Dashboard For Outdoor AdvertisingHow can you use outdoor display advertising?

Ultimately, mobile applications and web brands should not be afraid to use outdoor advertising.

It is an effective way to promote their brand and encourage app downloads and usage. Clearly, as generations become more mobile and spend more time outdoors, mobile brands will need to adapt. This needs to be in line with the way consumers are actually consuming advertising.

As new technology-driven outdoor display media such as Car Quids come to the fore, app marketers will increasingly be able to apply planning and analysis techniques from online campaigns to their outdoor advertising campaigns.

Find out how you can plan a measurable outdoor display campaign with Car Quids. Get in touch today.