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Swansea is the 24th biggest city in the UK by population. Traffic flow in and around Swansea is on average 14590 vehicles per day, making it a great choice for outdoor advertising.

Swansea's Commuters

Car | 74%

Bus/Train | 7%

Bicycle | 11%

Other | 9%

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10 key things to know before booking outdoor advertising in Swansea

A review of key outdoor advertising / OOH channels in Swansea, including billboards and posters, but also key information about newspapers and other media.

  1. Wondering why to choose Out-Of-Home advertising (OOH) in Swansea? Out-Of-Home advertising allows brands to engage much more directly with consumers than digital media, where there is a host of on-screen distractions. Outdoor marketing typically includes mediums such as outdoor posters and outdoor billboards, but despite being seen often as a traditional medium, it continues to evolve. Car Quids is a good example of a new channel that brings outdoor advertising into the 21st century.
  2. Out of Home advertising allows you to connect with an audience which is typically young, mobile, active and connected.
  3. With Out of home advertising, you have the opportunity to get through to people directly in their path, rather than interrupting their experience which is often the case with TV advertising. With outdoor advertising people are out and about and open to positive stimulus. Whether they are en route to the pub, traveling to work or back home, they are generally open to visual stimulus and open to influence.
  4. The amplification medium - OOH is the channel to choose both for having the highest number of mobile searches, but also that has proven to be effectively amplified by word of mouth.
  5. Billboard advertising campaigns are generally organised by companies such as Exterion and Clear Channel Direct that generally take a long time to organise a campaign. So if you are organising any traditional outdoor advertising for that matter, preplanning is key to your campaign being a success.
  6. The cost of billboard advertising varies depending on location. The most expensive locations tend to be in the city centre, in areas like Maritime Quarter, Uplands and Swansea University, while outer areas such as Plasmarl, Sketty and Port Tennant are likely to be less expensive.
  7. Radio advertising allows you to pick times when people are likely to be in there cars by advertising on drivetime shows. However, whilst you can target listeners by a city, it’s generally not possible to be more granular than that. The most popular commercial radio stations to advertise in Swansea are Bridge FM, Radio Carmanthenshire, The Wave 96.4, Swansea Bay and Radio Tircoed.
  8. The the cost for radio advertising is typically about £2 per 1,000 listeners at one time. Bridge FM, Radio Carmanthenshire, The Wave 96.4, Swansea Bay and Radio Tircoed all offer radio opportunities in the local area.
  9. Newspaper advertising - If you are thinking of newspaper ads, readership is falling in local newspapers. Swansea Sound is the largest publication ( Swansea ) . As such, ads in newspapers have a less effective reach. Local newspaper adverts costs represent less good value for money.
  10. Done well, OOH is a hugely creative medium that leave huge potential to inspire an audience.

Why consider Car Quids for outdoor advertising?

At Car Quids, we enable companies to advertise with the help of regular drivers. It can be highly targeted , using, for example, just cars in Swansea University or the city centre, and it provides proven results for improving both awareness and acquisition.

If you’d like to hear more about how Car Quids can work as part of a wider marketing campaign, please get in touch.