Outdoor advertising in Kent

with Car Quids

Kent is the 35th biggest city in the UK by population. Traffic flow in and around Kent is on average 14000 vehicles per day, making it a great choice for outdoor advertising.

Kent's Commuters

Car | 64%

Bus/Train | 13%

Bicycle | 12%

Other | 12%

Planning an outdoor advertising campaign in Kent?

Use the Car Quids planning tool to help you plan and manage your campaign.

Outdoor advertising formats available in Kent

Car advertising in Kent


Billboard outdoor advertising in Kent
Adshels outdoor advertising in Kent
Outdoor advertising in airports
Outdoor advertising on the London underground
Outdoor advertising on taxis in Kent

Why consider Car Quids for outdoor advertising?

At Car Quids, we enable companies to advertise with the help of regular drivers. It can be highly targeted and it provides proven results for improving both awareness and acquisition.

If you’d like to hear more about how Car Quids can work as part of a wider marketing campaign, please get in touch.