We’re starting a new feature ‘Car Quids Heroes’ – it’s all about getting to know you, the drivers of Car Quids.

First up, we have Faye, who is currently taking part in our Advertising campaign In Birmingham for Blow Ltd, a start up for on-demand beauty services to your home. Here’s what she had to say:

Car Quids Hero

Hi I’m Faye, I’m a nursing assistant at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital In Birmingham. Other than driving to andfrom work, I enjoy going to see friends, shopping and drinking Starbucks!

I drive a Skoda Fabia, I do a lot of driving around and about, here and there. When I’m driving I mainly listen to new music on Capital, or sometimes I’ll plug my phone in, and depending on my mood it will be anything from Eminem to Reggae, to Drum and Bass lol.

I saw Car Quids advertised on Facebook and just thought ‘Why Not?!’, The signup process was pretty quick and simple to do, and when I took my car to get wrapped the guys were lovely and it only took about 15 mins to do it, which I was impressed with.

A lot of family and friends have seen my car and they think it’s a really good idea. The adverts are really good looking as well, they don’t look cheap at all. I don’t think I would have a preference to what I’d advertise on my car, it would be nice to have something I enjoy or use regularly.

I think it makes perfect sense to advertise on cars, it’s wasted space really, why not utilise it to its fullest potential? I think it’s a great concept.

If you’re thinking about trying Car Quids then just go for it ! It’s great fun as I like to stand out from the crowd and you get to change the look of your car every couple months, I get bored very easily and already want a new car after having this one for only 12 months, but now I can have some fun with this car.

The money I earn from Car Quids will be used for my petrol every month, so just for having an advert on my car I don’t have to buy petrol again, it’s win win really.

If you are a driver on Car Quids and would like to be featured as a ‘Car Quids Hero’, drop us a line at hello@carquids.com.