Earning money from your car

Owning a car can be a huge expense, and at Car Quids we’re helping thousands of people make extra money through car advertising. We’re not the only one’s though, several new startups are finding innovative ways to help make your car pay for itself.

With 27 million cars and vans in the UK, many of us rely on our cars to do our daily routine. However, even with fuel prices at the lowest levels in years the average motorist is still spending over £2250, and when you include road tax, insurance and MOTs the bill rises to a staggering £3500 a year. With many of us using a car just to get to work it’s little wonder that owning a car feels like an expense we can barely afford.

Fortunately car advertising is not the only way to earn extra money to offset the costs of car ownership. All told by using some of these services we think you can cover the full £3500 per year cost of owning car, and have some left over for track days, or a few weekend trips.

Peer-to-peer car rental:

Renting out your car to strangers might seem risky, but the reality is far from it. Thousands of people are now using car clubs or car rental marketplaces like easyCar Club to rent out their car for extra money. If you’re not using your car on a regular basis this could be for you, as it allows you to put your car to work, with the possibility of earning thousands of pounds annually.


You’ve probably hitched a ride with a friend before, but services like BlaBlaCar allow you to find passengers for your next journey. The next time you’re planning a trip simply register the journey on BlaBlaCar website and you could be earning fast as passengers sign up paying you for giving them a ride to your destination or dropping them off on the way.

Car Advertising:

Registering your car with Car Quids is a no hassle way of making easy money. Simply register your car on our website and wait for us to find you an advertiser for your car. There are over 5500 drivers registered with Car Quids from every corner of the country, and advertisers are looking for cars to advertise on all the time. Once we’ve found an advertiser for your car we’ll pay you monthly just for driving your daily routine.

With lots of services touting savings on insurance or car finance, when compared with what you could be earning from your car the returns are small. Signing up to Car Quids or any of these innovative startups is a no brainer if your feeling the pinch and want to offset the costs of owning a car.