New Store openings


Car Quids has worked with different brands launching new products up and down the UK. Successful campaigns we’ve run with eMoov and easyCar Club have helped us refine our model for helping brands enter a new region, and we wanted to share what we’ve learnt and why advertising on cars is working.


Follow habitual lifestyle patterns

Outside of the major cities people don’t take public transport to work, they drive. Your audience is just as likely to be commuting to the suburban office park as it is to be buying groceries in an out of town shopping centre. Unsurprisingly this means city centres can often be empty during the week, with people spending much more time Out Of Town.


These lifestyle differences put the car at the heart of daily life, following the habitual patterns of your audience on a daily basis, making car advertising an effective channel that responds to habitual patterns.


Minimize Wastage

Minimizing wastage is a key concern for any store opening. Physical retail locations have a defined catchment, and targeting consumers outside of this is effectively wasted budget. Targeting smaller regional cities can therefore be a real challenge.


Car Quids selects drivers from the local community. That means we follow the natural catchment of the local population. It minimizes wastage, and increases the efficiency of your campaign.


Complementary Media

There are limited locally oriented media options outside of the major cities. Car Quids covers over 100 towns and cities in the UK, allowing brands to achieve high levels of reach and frequency at a local level. Working with eMoov demonstrated that car Quids was able to complement other marketing channels by extending brand reach, contributing to a tripling in brand awareness and tangible sales results for their business.


Community Targeted

Word of mouth travels faster in smaller communities. This is a great opportunity for brands who want to create buzz about their new store opening. We select drivers with local roots, they have friends, colleagues and families living locally and this gets people talking.


To find out more on how Car Quids can help brands launch in regional towns and cities contact us here.