Car Quids - NSPCC Nissan Qashqai

Kate, with her 2017 Nissan Qashqai

We want to peel back the curtains and share exactly how we select the car owners that go on our campaigns. Unlike traditional outdoor advertising formats, our “sites” are not static, they are placed on cars owned by real people like Kate pictured above.

If you want to find out a little more about the types of drivers we use, you can read our recent interview with Kate.

We’re going to cover exactly how we select the best car owners for your brand.

There are three main criteria that we use to select drivers:

  • Driving habits data
  • Driver profile
  • Vehicle quality

We are going to cover each one and explain how we assess each factor.

Driving habit data

By far the most important factor in the success of an outdoor advertising campaign is where it is seen and by whom.

We collect many data points on where our drivers live, work, park, and commute. This means we can map out exactly where they go and the where your advert will be seen.

The core data points we gather on all drivers include:

  • Commute postcodes
  • Where the car spends most of its time
  • Total mileage

We use this data to create a geo-fence to ensure activity remains concentrated within your given target area. On average over 70% of miles are driven within the target area for previous campaigns. You can see an example of a geo-fenced area used for Pizza Hut below.

Car Quids - Pizza Hut geo-fence area

A geo-fenced area in London

When the campaign goes live we install GPS devices across the branded fleet so that you can verify the coverage of your campaign. You can even see the average speed driven and the total number of miles.

You can see the results of the Pizza Hut campaign below. Areas highlighted red are those with high levels of coverage.


Car Quids - Pizza Hut stores heatmap

Heatmap verifying driver data and coverage around store locations

Pizza Hut was targeting North London in this campaign. They wanted cars to pass by specific stores regularly, so we ensured we selected drivers who were local and used those roads as part of their commute. You can see the areas with a Pizza Hut location gained significant coverage.

Read more about how Pizza Hut got closer to their customer here.


Mileage is important both in terms of quantity as well as quality.

Quantity: We make sure that cars on the campaign maximize the number of impressions they generate, therefore we prioritise drivers who cover the highest mileage in the target areas.

This ensures that the car is constantly on the roads and being seen.

We always target a set number of impressions depending on the location and we aim to use drivers who exceed this.

Quality: We ask our drivers to comment on their lifestyle and relevant information on driving habits that may be beneficial for brands to ensure exposure to the right audiences.

As well as driving high mileage in city centres this can also mean selecting cars that are parked in the right areas. This ensures a high number of impressions from the target audience.

For example, we were able to select several drivers who used their cars to take their dogs to nearby parks every day in Edinburgh for Pawsquad, a veterinary booking service. Pawsquad were able to significantly increase app downloads with their outdoor advertising campaign.

Driver Profile

Driver characteristics & habits

We actively try to match the car owners we use to your brand’s ideal customers, making it more likely that they are seen in the right places.

The NSPCC recently worked with us to promote their “Messathon” event which targeted young families in Guildford.

For this campaign, we selected several participants who had children. and therefore guaranteed the adverts were seen on the school run, at weekend classes, and in parks and play areas.

Below, you can see the impact our choice had.

Car Quids - NSPCC Driver Quote

Background checks

We take our quality assurance one step further on every campaign. We gather data to verify that the driver has valid insurance and MOT and importantly no points on their license.

We also require drivers to share any details on any incidents they’ve had while driving to guarantee they will represent your brand in the best way possible.

Age of vehicles

We want your brand to look fantastic on the road.

So we prioritize cars that are newer and mainly look to work with cars aged 2009 onwards.

In the past, we have been even more selective with the cars we include on campaigns. See below where the luxury St James’ Court Taj Hotel used a Tesla as part of their multichannel campaign.

Car Quids - Taj Hotel Branded Tesla

Quality of vehicles

We want your brand to look great on the roads and that’s why we pick the best looking cars.

Here are a few examples of cars in recent campaigns.

Car Quids - Just Eat

John's BMW 3 Series

Car Quids - Evans Halshaw Car Photo

Darryl’s Vauxhall Astra

Car Quids - Midkent College Tesla

Ross’ Tesla Model S

Key Takeaways

We want to deliver the best results for your campaign. So we are meticulous in our effort to control every input we can to create the biggest impact and reach in your target area.

We work hard to ensure:

  • Your brand is seen where you want it to be
  • Your brand looks great on our great cars

Are you thinking about targeting a specific area for an outdoor campaign? Are there few outdoor options or are they simply not delivering the results you want? Get in touch below to discuss how Car Quids can deliver results for your brand.