As a startup or SME, creating an integrated marketing plan can be overwhelming. With a limited SME marketing budget, the money that you do spend you want to spend wisely.

With over 120 marketing channels to choose from, finding which channels work for you, and in what combination, can be challenging. Research in the US has shown that 34% of marketing organisations focus solely on one engagement platform. Yet, running a well-planned and well-executed multi-channel campaign can be invaluable for growth.

Car advertising

Doing something differently can and will get you noticed. This is why so many startups and small and medium sized companies think that car advertising is the perfect option. Car advertising can be used to re-inforce marketing campaigns you’re already running, or an effective SME marketing medium itself. Car advertising works as part of the marketing mix for any company.

Dental concepts

Dental Concepts became the first dental surgery in the UK to use car advertising. They booked a Car Quids campaign to promote the opening of their second surgery in Andover, Hampshire. Running a hyper-targeted and local campaign in a small town, they were able to get excellent reach, as seen on the heat map below.

Dental concepts heat map for car advertising campaign

While running their Car Quids campaign, Dental Concepts also ran an online social media competition. Without wasting valuable space on the vehicle creative, they were able to bolster the results of their car advertising campaign. The ‘spot, snap, win’ competition ran on their social media channels, encouraging Andover residents to tweet and share pictures of the Dental Concept’s branded cars.

It created a real buzz in the small town of 50,000 people where Dental Concepts’ customers reside and local residents were therefore able to win free tooth whitening treatment, electric toothbrushes and other dental prizes.

Car Quids Dental Concepts social media competition

A multi-channel campaign run by Dental Concepts was an innovative and fun way to drive engagement in the local community. As a result, the surgery even gained coverage in industry press, in the British Dental Journal.

Conclusion – think outside of the box for your SME with a multi-channel marketing campaign

The options for running a multi-channel marketing campaign can seem daunting. However, picking a few marketing channels and executing them really well can pay off. Dental Concepts extended their car advertising campaign by a further 6 months, due to the positive results they received. Consequently, it just goes to prove how effective combining different SME marketing channels can be.

As a result of thinking outside of the box to plan something which is genuinely engaging and will connect with a local area, it is great way to increase brand awareness, especially if your company is in its infancy.

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