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As an outdoor media provider, Car Quids works with advertisers that want to achieve large-scale brand awareness. There are a number of reasons why awareness is important for brands, and for easyCar Club, growing their presence in a new city was exactly why car advertising made sense.

The brief from easyCar Club was to increase their user base in Bristol. They wanted both more car owners to offer their cars for rent, as well as for drivers to book rentals on their platform. Of equal importance was to convey to car owners the significant financial rewards, and to car renters the significant cost savings of using easyCar Club.

To maximize the effectiveness of the campaign we selected drivers based on mileage, commuting patterns, and demographic information. We also selected a wide variety of cars and vans, in different styles and sizes, to demonstrate the type of vehicles available on easyCar Club’s platform. Finally drivers were chosen with driving patterns that meant their vehicles would be driven on a daily commute exposing the branding to car owners, and then parked in areas giving exposure in a more pedestrian oriented setting targeted towards potential car renters.

To convey the desired messaging separate imagery was chosen for each side of the car to emphasize that anyone can rent our their car and make money through easyCar Club, and also make cost savings renting through them as well. Since our fleet is comprised of personal vehicles, this strategy was especially effective as it allowed anyone who saw the messaging to identify with real car owners like themselves, or for renters to understand exactly the sort of vehicle they could be renting. This is in stark contrast to the often impersonal and faceless billboards and street advertising that is hard for consumers to identify with and blends into the background.

The final piece of the puzzle was effectively reaching the audience. The nature and routine of car advertising allows for repetitive, dynamic messaging across whole neighborhoods, covering a significant chunk of the Bristol area. In many cases the car advertising is the first thing many consumers will see in the morning on the way to work, and the last thing they will see on their commute home, both extremely important times for capturing mindshare. This is a significant advantage over other forms of outdoor media that are fixed in situ, sporadically covering only city centres, and competing for eyeballs in areas crowded with other media – this is especially true in cities outside of London with a low density of media alternatives.