eMoov car

Car Quids recently launched a brand awareness campaign for eMoov, incorporating local drivers who were homeowners themselves.


Brand awareness is a critical component of the estate agent model. In a crowded market with lots of players offering the same service, standing out and winning new business from competitors becomes very difficult. Many estate agents have used branded cars for brand awareness campaigns, to help build trust with the consumer.

For startups in the property industry building brand awareness becomes a serious challenge, but one that is necessary to grow confidence with homebuyers and sellers.


A New Model For Estate Agents

Online estate agent eMoov are a new and exciting disruptive force in the property industry. They offer sellers a £495+VAT flat fee to sell their homes, by removing many of the unnecessary costs of traditional agents, like swanky offices, and company cars. Despite this, advertising new home sales to prospective buyers remains very important.


A Different Way To Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is hard to achieve. Big TV, Radio or Outdoor campaigns are notoriously expensive and crowded out by competitors with bigger budgets. While these channels remain tried and tested, complementary mediums like car advertising can enhance their impact and improve the ROI. Staying true to their brand ethos of offering a more disruptive solution, leveraging the association that car advertising has with the property industry, made this a great brand awareness opportunity for eMoov as part of their wider marketing strategy.


The Sharing Economy

For a modern disruptive brand like eMoov, utilising the sharing economy model of the Car Quids fleet made sense. Car Quids doesn’t have unnecessary fixed costs of other media owners so we can pass on the savings. The Car Quids analytics dashboard also brought a layer of accountability by providing audience estimates and GPS tracking. This granular level of analytics for an offline medium made it possible to more effectively target the campaign and measure its impact. Creating an account for our analytics dashboard is free.


Locally Oriented Brand Building

Without physical shop fronts, establishing brand awareness locally is therefore a helpful tool to gain the trust and confidence of the local community.
With a fleet of over 5000 drivers across the country, Car Quids can deliver a local presence, one that is represented by the friends, families, colleagues, and communities of our drivers. Advertising on these cars is uniquely targeted at a community level, providing cut through, and adding complementary local level coverage alongside eMoovs wider marketing strategy to gain an edge over the competition.