5 Marketing Channels Small Businesses Can Test

Testing different marketing channels is essential to find a successful recipe to turbo charge the growth of your business. Without testing its impossible to know whether the marketing strategies you are using are giving you effective returns on your advertising budget. Businesses that do test can find huge savings in their customer acquisition costs, as well as strategic advantages over competitors who are not exploiting all the marketing channels available to them.

Small businesses are naturally limited in their ability to invest in mainstream marketing channels like TV or billboards, but there are many different options available that can reach an audience affordably.

Direct – Flyers and mailings

Relatively easy to test, but hard to scale, direct mail and flyers can be very effective. With a per unit cost that can be expensive, targeting is key to making this channel work. While printing can be relatively inexpensive, the time and effort required to deliver to even a few hundred potential customers makes this a channel that should be used carefully. Targeting specific neighborhoods, down to even the street level is important. Identify your target customers, and make sure you minimize wastage, by doing your research beforehand.

Posters, Billboards, and Car advertising

Billboards are widely used by some of the biggest brands out there. It’s a high impact medium that stands out to consumers. However, the entry point for a small business can be expensive, and outside of the biggest cities billboards can be in short supply or not available at all. Car advertising is a great alternative that stands out, but with a much more affordable price point – find out more here

Facebook Advertising

As an online channel we recommend Facebook advertising. Putting together an advertising campaign is straightforward and can be highly targeted. With a relatively small budget you can start to experiment with this channel. The key to making this channel work is


With the potential to generate lots of inbound interest to your business for free, this can be a very cost effective marketing tool. The difficulty is making your product newsworthy! There are literally thousands of PR companies all pitching on behalf of clients, and to get picked up can seem like an impossible task. We recommend contacting local publishers, and emphasizing you’re connections to the local community. If you can put together a good hook for a news article, and you’re a local business pitching to a community driven publisher, you should get lucky eventually.

Multi Channel Marketing

Each of the marketing channels listed above can be effective in their own right. However, for the best results a combination can be a high impact formula for tangible sales results. Marketing strategies that leverage the power of offline and online are particularly effective at engaging with potential customers and driving sales. A marketing mix that spans the lifestyle of your target audience, building awareness at every opportunity, is the surest way to make your company stand out.

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