Foxtons is known as one of London’s most well recognised estate agents. There are a number of reasons that Foxtons remains a market leader, with one of the most well known being their consistent commitment to brand building.

Visit a Foxtons branch and you’ll be struck by the high-end branding and attention to detail, it’s an experience that customers remember, and one that stands for quality and a high standard of service. However, to take the brand out of the branches and into the streets, Foxtons relies on car advertising to build awareness and target new customers.

If you live in London you will almost certainly have come across a Foxtons car, and it is for this reason that car advertising has proven so effective. Unlike Billboards, car advertising has the unique ability to penetrate neighborhoods and target demographics that other outdoor advertising formats find hard to reach. Couple the wide coverage of car advertising with eye catching graphics and clear messaging, and you have a winning formula for brand building which Foxtons has executed very successfully.

While this sort of anecdotal evidence demonstrates that car advertising yields extremely powerful results, recent research from 3M also shows that car advertising has advantages over other outdoor formats, with 96% of survey respondents saying they thought fleet graphics were more effective than billboards. It is to little wonder then that brands like Foxton’s continue to invest in car advertising as a tool to grow their brand and target specific audiences.