Advertise on cars all over the country weaving your brand into the fabric of every day life and conversation.

We have {{}} cars available in {{}}.

Why car advertising?


miles covered by our drivers every year


people take a car to work


spent per week looking at the rear window in front

How does it work?

Select drivers and cars to advertise on from our extensive network, and choose cars based on location, make and model, or driver occupation. We work with you to prepare a striking creative that will spark conversations and get people talking in any community.


From Land’s End to John O’Groats and almost everywhere in between, we have cars in over 100 cities and towns in the UK. All of the major cities are well covered and we have thousands of cars for you to choose from just in London.


cars and growing daily


towns and cities covered


Calculate audience sizes for your campaign so you can plan effectively and track ROI.

Target specific locations to get your brand in front of the right audience.

Easily manage campaigns with the CQ dashboard.

Start planning your campaign

Campaign spotlight: easyCar Club

The brief from easyCar Club was to increase their user base in Bristol. They wanted both more car owners to offer their cars for rent, as well as for drivers to book rentals on their platform. Of equal importance was to convey to car owners the significant financial rewards, and to car renters the significant cost savings of using easyCar Club.

To maximize the effectiveness of the campaign we selected drivers based on mileage, commuting patterns, and demographic information. We also selected a wide variety of cars and vans, in different styles and sizes, to demonstrate the type of vehicles available on easyCar Club’s platform.

“Car advertising is a new medium and for us it got people talking about easyCar Club at home, at work – even in supermarkets! Attracting attention in today’s crowded outdoor media space is difficult and we’re looking forward to using Car Quids in other key cities.” David Brosse (CMO)

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